Julian Rachele Web developer • Data scientist • Graphic designer
Columbia, SC USA • [email protected] • +1(864) 607-0061
  • REDCRAFT Protein Folding

  • Yeast Genome Visualization

  • CurriculumX

  • Dr. Paula Vasquez

About Me

I have always been intrigued by the idea of creating something, by bringing something from my mental playground into the real world. This fascination has driven me to take up hobbies that involve building something up, little by little, into something great. This site is a culmination of some of my work and stems from my first and principal hobby, computing.

I love working with computers as they are integral to our lives and I can create tools that everyone can use. There's always something new and exciting to work on, and something persistent to maintain. It's relaxing.

I love learning French and about Francophone cultures because they allow me to change perspective. It is through my love of speaking to others in their native tongue that inspired my strive to French proficiency.

I love playing the piano because its endless combinations of sounds last the test of time. The piano can convey the emotion someone felt many generations before you were born.

My goal here is to change the world the best that I can, and that's what I plan to do.


    • CurriculumX.org - Built with django and UIKit, I wrote all the business logic for this web application, which facilitates the union of state standards with material taught in schools. I also did much of the front end work with the help of the UIKit framework.

    • Dr. Paula Vasquez - I was originally to only port MATLAB applications to the web, though Dr. Vasquez's site needed an overhaul. Using Bootstrap and Plotly.js, I created a new stylish site and remade all the MATLAB applications to be web-friendly.

    • REDCRAFT Protein Folding - I am currently aiding computational biologists in the optimization and facilitation of use of REDCRAFT, a software suite for computational protein folding written in C++. I have so far written several Python scripts to aid in data conversion for the software and I am working on implementing a graphical interface as well as optimizing some of the heavy-hitting computational areas.

    • Yeast Genome Visualization - I have created a 3d visualization of the yeast genome in Python, originally with Jupyter, that uses Plotly, pandas, numpy, and scipy to analyze large data sets representing chromatin location and mean square displacement, restricts the data in useful ways, optionally clusters similar data bits, and outputs a three-dimensional representation of the nucelus.

  • Graphic Design Portfolio - Having volunteered with Donate Life South Carolina for years now, I have created numerous pieces of artwork to help promote Organ and Tissue Donation. I have also attached some creative works I made in my spare time.

Education & Experience

  • Class of 2020 B.S. Computer Science - University of South Carolina
  • 2018 - Now Research Assistant - UofSC Computational Biology
  • 2018 - Now Fullstack Developer - CurriculumX.org
  • 2010 - Now Volunteer - Donate Life South Carolina
  • 2018 Data Scientist - UofSC Math Department
  • 2017 Web Developer - UofSC Math Department
  • Class of 2016 High School Diploma - Wade Hamption High School


  • Python/Django - I am competent in Python and Django, having used them for years.
  • JavaScript/React - I have recently been learning to use React to supplement my front-end knowledge.
  • Java - I have used Java extensively and I am familiar with the Play! framework.
  • Scala/FP - Within the past year I have learned Scala and much about Functional Programming.
  • French - I speak French at a C1 level, but read and write at C2.